Our Church Family


   Here at New Bethel House of Hope, there is no question of our love and respect for God and all mankind. New Bethel House of Hope is not only a place to worship God, but also a place to learn about God and the prosperous life that he wants for his people. Our church is a great big family, with hearts full of love and compassion for one another.


   New Bethel House of Hope is under the leadership of Pastor W.B. Morris, a dynamic, sincere, anointed, knowledgeable, and loving man of God. Pastor Morris main objectives are to win souls for Christ, provide instruction on how to live a victorious life in this complicated world, and to reach out to those in need. At New Bethel House of Hope, Pastor Morris teaches that we can accomplish anything through God’s amazing power.


   So, come and see for yourself how your mind will be transformed into positive thinking and how your life will be changed after visiting New Bethel House of Hope and hearing the word of God.